Church Financing Program


Hampton Ridge Financial offers easy and affordable payment options for your House of Worship. Apply today and have your equipment ordered in as fast as 1-3 business days!

What type of equipment can be financed?

Essentially any type of equipment needed for your church can be financed! Don’t see what you need below? Just ask, we can probably help!

  • Signage
  • Sound Systems
  • Furniture (chairs, pews, etc)
  • Janitorial Equipment
  • School Furniture
  • Church Signs
  • Baptisteries
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Daycare Equipment
  • Office Equipment/Furniture
  • Heating/Cooling (HVAC)
  • Pulpit Furniture
  • Vehicles
  • Audio Equipment
  • Lighting
  • Video Equipment
  • Musical Instruments
  • Maintenance Equipment

The process is simple!

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    Fill out our easy Online Application

    Applying only takes a few minutes. We will contact you with your approved payment options and you choose the option that best suits your monthly budget.

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    Sign documents

    We will prepare your final documents with the payment that fits your budget and the equipment you need to grow your business. Final paperwork is signed and we finalize your transaction.

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    Your equipment is ordered!

    Your equipment is ordered and you will receive your equipment. Monthly payments are due the following month. It’s that easy!

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Payment Calculator

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Estimated monthly payments are for example purposes only.
Actual monthly payments are subject to credit approval and time in business.
Please contact us if you are requesting $250,000+.

Financing for your Church

Equipment Leasing and Equipment Financing provides several benefits to churches. This option can help your church grow while maintaining your cash reserves.

This page will help explain how a lease works, the process, and why this is a great option for your church. Our goal is to not just help you with this purchase, but to become your financial partner for many years to come.


Yes, many HRF leasing options for churches allow the church to own the equipment after your last payment is made. End of lease options include $1 buyout, Term Residual Lease, 10-15% buyout, or Fair Market Value leases.
With a lease, there is no prepayment penalty if you choose to pay off your contract early. If your goal is to pay the contract off early, we always recommend choosing the shortest term that your budget can handle. This will provide you with the lowest out of pocket cost to fulfill your contract. Your early payoff amount is simply the remaining payments left in the contract.
You can order a wide variety of equipment, from audio/visual equipment, lighting, furniture, musical instruments, signage, vehicles, HVAC units, and much more.
Leasing is typically more beneficial when comparing to a bank loan, especially when it comes to the upfront costs. Upfront costs to start a leasing contract can range anywhere from 1% – 15% of the equipment cost. This allows you to keep more of your own capital and continue to generate more tithes/donations.
No additional collateral is needed to secure a lease. This will keep your credit lines open, and avoid having to tie real estate or other assets from the church into the transaction.
Please visit our Church Programs page for a detailed list of our criteria.
We have options from 12 – 60 months available. When choosing a term, we recommend picking the shortest option that your budget can comfortably handle to limit your total financing costs.
  1. Complete our one page application by Clicking Here.
  2. Send in a copy of a quote for your purchase, and any additional information requested by HRF.
  3. Once your application has been processed, a representative will contact you to discuss your payment options.
  4. After you discuss your options with your church leaders and decide which term to go with, we will send final paperwork and help you place your order!
Depending on your contract, you typically have the option to chose your payment date, typically the 1st or 15th of the month. Once we have funded your transaction, your first payment will be due the following 1st or 15th, whichever you decide. An Interim Rent payment will be due for any partial part of the month up until your first payment date.
If your church is sales and use tax exempt, then no. Just provide us with the proper exemption certificate from your state and sales tax will not be collected on the lease. If you are not sales tax exempt, sales tax will be collected per your state/county/local sales tax on your monthly payment.
Yes, please feel free to visit our Online Payment Calculator for a quick quote. This will give you a rough estimate of where your payments will be. Actual payments are based on time in existence, credit strength, etc.
You are required to carry insurance on the equipment you will be leasing. So, in the event of a loss, your insurance covers the equipment and you do not end up making payments on equipment that you can no longer use. Typically, equipment used for the church can be included in your current insurance policy at your church.